By Rick Jacobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has substantially increased the pace of digitization, and for many organizations, data demands have never been higher. As enterprises accelerate their digital transformation journeys, the need to quickly and efficiently scale their database infrastructure to meet increased processing demands has driven the adoption of DBaaS solutions. This blog will summarize the comparison of three of the leading DBassS, NoSQL solutions.

Altoros is a global IT service provider that has been comparing databases for 2 decades. In its latest performance benchmark report, Altoros has provided a comparative analysis of three NoSQL DBaaS offerings: Couchbase Cloud…

By Ravi Mayuram

Any set of New Year’s resolutions should resolve to actually try and keep the resolutions. Since it takes at least 21 days to form a habit, there’s no time like the present to make good on our resolutions. We should all get a pass for 2020 as no one planned around a 100-year pandemic or the kind of massive change and disruption it brought to our modern world. With that said, 2021 should be a whole new beast. …

By Keshav Murthy

Amazon’s announcement last summer of PartiQL, a SQL-compatible query language, further demonstrates the importance SQL still has in data management today. SQL was created and widely adopted more than 30 years ago and goes hand-in-hand with legacy relational database technology. But even with the advent of newer non-relational technologies like NoSQL, so-called “NewSQL” and the like, SQL is still the most common programming language in data management.

Couchbase is highlighted as the first vendor to support PartiQL directly, bringing this new query language to AWS developers everywhere. A partner of Amazon, Couchbase is pleased to have been…

By: Jeff Morris

Couchbase Server 7 Beta

Couchbase Server 7 Beta is a very exciting release. It is available, free in both Enterprise and Community Editions. We encourage our entire community to download and try this groundbreaking release that features scopes and collections as new logical structures to organize and secure data in Couchbase.

As we enter this new decade, Couchbase 7.0 helps enterprises move beyond the limitations they have experienced for nearly half a century with relational database technologies — specifically the difficult balance between maintaining a physical database structure and the need for flexibility and adaptability from that structure. Couchbase 7 resolves…

By: Binh Le

Couchbase introduced ACID transactions in its v6.5 release with the Couchbase SDKs, and this has now been extended to Couchbase N1QL Query in the upcoming release 7.

A quick recap — Couchbase provides support for multi-document ACID transactions for its distributed database platform that are both horizontally scalable and also support high availability. This feature is available to application developers through Couchbase SDK and APIs. The APIs allow developers to safely make modifications to the database documents inside a transaction. Then proceed to commit or rollback all of the changes in the transaction depending on the application…

By: Brian Kane


Couchbase Full Text Search (FTS) is a great tool for indexing and querying geospatial data. In this article, I’ll present a geospatial search use case and demonstrate the various ways that we can perform a search of location data using the Couchbase Full Text Search service. I’ll be using Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition 6.6 (running locally in Docker) to create an FTS index on my sample geospatial dataset and then run geospatial queries against the index.

Use Case

My family has always enjoyed visiting and exploring Great Smoky Mountains National Park (or GRSM, the National Park Service’s abbreviation), and…

By: Binh Le

As any parent of a five year old can attest, time flies when you’re having fun. Where did all the time go? That’s kind of how we feel with N1QL, the SQL for JSON query language. Today, thousands of developers, customers and modern applications use N1QL in their applications to access, analyze, and manipulate data.

A N1QL Refresher

Couchbase created N1QL to make it easier for enterprise developers to make the transition to NoSQL. While moving to NoSQL already offers significant advantages, not all NoSQL databases are equal because their query languages are different. …

By: Anil Kumar

Kubernetes developers have a monumental decision to make at the beginning of a project: Which database do I use? Before venturing down the rabbit hole, they must first answer this question: In order to meet the needs of my data-rich application, is my database microservices-based and running on the same Kubernetes platform or legacy centralized on-prem infrastructure? The decision of which database to use is not to be taken lightly, since it’s one that will either prove to be the source of ongoing disappointment or immensely helpful as the project progresses.

Stateful or Stateless?

Databases have become one of the…

By: Arun Vijayraghavan

“ We are delighted to announce the General Availability of Couchbase Ruby SDK 3.0 ! “

Useful Links


The Couchbase Ruby SDK allows you to connect to a Couchbase cluster from Ruby using simplified and high-performance API which is an extension of native Ruby. …

By: Isha Kandaswamy

Authentication and authorization to the query service in couchbase works in multiple ways –

  1. Passing credentials through a rest request — curl http://localhost:8093/query/service?pretty=true -d “statement=select * from system:keyspaces” -u Admin:pwd
  2. Passing credentials using the creds named parameter and/or query parameter — curl http://localhost:8093/query/service?pretty=true -d “statement=select * from system:keyspaces&creds=[{user:“Administrator”,”password”:”pass”}]”
  3. Using basic auth in the request
  4. Request from cbq (similar to 1,2) using the -u -p -creds options and \SET command.
  5. X.509 Certificates for TLS
  6. Node to Node encryption

With the addition of RBAC, the creds query parameter was made redundant but is still supported for backward compatibility.



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